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3 Tips For Building A Powerful Brand

If you’ve been researching ways to improve your business’s brand, then you’ve seen marketing lingo thrown around like ‘inbound’, ‘social media’ or ‘SEO’ and are perhaps struggling to understand what it all means.

Defining your brand is a multifaceted process that takes time to create, analyze and make recognizable to anyone who might interact with your business. Most likely if someone was to mention a company like Samsung, you will most likely think of cutting edge technology or high-quality smartphones.

Why would that be something you think of first? Because Samsung has done a great job in crafting and cultivating its brand.

A brand is valuable to you and your business. So you have to ask yourself, do you know how your brand is doing? Do you have a defined brand identity?

Well, below we will give you a few tips to help you in your brand development, and hopefully clear up some ideas on what it takes to build a powerful brand.

Tips For Developing A Powerful Brand

1. Decide What You Want Your Business To Be Not every company can be Facebook or Microsoft, which isn’t a bad thing. Becoming the trusted and authoritative brand in your company’s field isn’t easy, but can be encouraging if you are a hit with even a smaller but passionate customer base. You have to define what your potential buyer persona is, and then design an appealing brand to those who are going to be interested in your business. Find your target audience and then you find your brand.

2. Create A Solid Design McDonald’s has their golden arches, the NBA has Jerry West’s silhouette, and Adidas has the trefoil. You want to make your brand physical. That means the logo, packaging, and color scheme all have to be synonymous and memorable with your business. Learn one aspect that is shared from all of the top brands in the world, they keep it simple. Keep your design simple and it will help to build a powerful following, identity, and brand.

3. Market Your Brand To Stand Out From The Competition – After becoming self-aware of what your business is, take it to the next level. If you have a large slice of the market, utilize your leverage against your competitors. Show off why you’re number 1 and why you’re staying there. If you’re a smaller company dominated by the bigger companies, use that to distinguish your business. Put emphasis on the smallness to stand out and show your customers how you work harder to become the powerful brand.

At Imaginaria Creative, we believe that brand identity is an integral part of marketing your business and is a direct representation of what your company stands for.

Take a look at the collection of brand identity work we have done and for more information on developing a brand identity for your company, contact us today!