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3 Ways To Master Product Packaging

Regardless if you are selling products for B2C or B2B, your product’s packaging can make or break your business.

And for those businesses looking to improve their product sales, brand, and product design is an integral part of the identity process.

Problem is that the brand design is not something you can just create in a day. It takes time to cultivate packaging that will appeal to the consumer instinctively, making them want to purchase your product just by seeing it.

Effective packaging satisfies the criteria of what it is, who it’s from, and why it exists in your life.

Subsequently, if the product delivers then you will likely create a brand loyalty.

  1. Keep It So Simple A 5-Year-Old Could Understand It – If a 5-year-old can pick up your product from the shelve and can understand what your product is, then you have created a brand with simple and immediate recognition. This is also effective when people are shopping and scanning products. When you can get away from the noise of the competition, your simple approach, whether something dynamic and energetic, will stand out.
  2. Create The Quintessential Look – Brand packaging that has various quintessential assets will increase the brand experience. Typography, color, shape – if these are all aligned in a consumer’s memory, then your package or logo are enough to be recognizable.
  3. Make The Consumer Feel An Emotion – Not all consumers will behave the same way to a particular product, good or bad. If your packaging can make the potential consumer feel a positive response, whether consciously or subconsciously, that emotion will translate into brand recognition.

At Imaginaria Creative, we want to help your business grow so we utilize these tips and more to perfect our client’s brand and packaging.

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