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5 New Age Design Elements To Improve Your UX

Whether for personal or professional reasons, we can’t help but be drawn into those websites that are more appealing and creative than others.

With a plethora of tools and software, web designers have a limitless chance to get really unique with their designs.

The next generation of techies and even just the normal folk are going to have the bar set high because they have been immersed in a culture that is technology driven, and not necessarily by choice, but rather because that is just how it is.

With standards and expectations at a premium, making your website “pop” with design elements that are cutting edge will lead to higher traffic of the site because that is simply what our eyes are attracted to.

To boost the creative flare of next generation websites, here are a few ideas:

  1. Infographics that are the main attraction. No longer should you have to search through blog posts or several pages to locate an infographic. An infographic that serves as the main source of communication and information is engaging and pleasing to your audience.
  2. Images that appear to float on the screen. Designers now have the capability to make images on a website appear as if they’re 3D. This new dimension is great for sites that sell products. You are giving your buyers an ultra-advanced and totally cool view of what they can purchase.
  3. Turning your brand into a cartoon character for not just entertainment value. Cartoons are solid representations of the brand. You can incorporate an appearance that mimics your business and this also helps to keep the mood light.
  4. Standing out in the crowd with incorporating not so “by the book” messages. You don’t have to stick to the basics or what is deemed “correct” to get your message across. Most people prefer a little bit of imperfect humor. Don’t be afraid to use emojis.
  5. Transitional lighting. Going from light to dark and shadowing images in and out are brilliant ways to attract website viewers. Using various colors and textured images give a very artsy appeal.

Imaginaria Creative has the expertise to design user-friendly and unique websites with the above unique features.

Our expert team can help guide you to a more next generation friendly website that your viewers won’t be able to miss. To get started, please contact us at 972-423-1232 today!