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Importance of Logos and Identity for a Business

Whether you’re starting a new business, or you’re thinking about rebranding your current business, the majority of your attention should be focused on your identity and logo.

An identity and a logo work to identify your business and your brand in two different ways, but both are a vital part of overall success.

A logo is what helps your customers identify your business immediately upon seeing it. A logo should help to visually identify a business through an icon or mark in its simplest form. Logos often contain your business’s name, with an identifying mark or graphic in your company’s colors or in a symbol that might represent the type of work that you do.

Your logo should be used frequently, which will help it to become a visual mark of your company. Although logos should appear on products, it should also appear on letterhead, office equipment, business vehicles, marketing materials, website, etc… A logo should be a visual mark of your company across all facets of your business. Although a logo has many functions, its main function is for it to identify your business in an instant.

An identity is slightly different; brand identity is the visual and verbal expression of a brand, Identity supports, communicates and visualizes the brand. For example, Target has a very well-recognized logo: a red bullseye. However, Target also has an established identity which consists of a clean and refined identity, similar to its clean and concise logo. Target’s overall aesthetic, which is very modernized, attracts customers that are often thought to trendy, urban, shoppers in their early twenties. Target has an identity that entices shoppers to spend more time there, from attractive displays to artistic and memorable promotions.

However, both identity and logo play a part in a company’s brand. A business’s brand is often identified logo and identity, as well as products, employees, customer service, quality, and so forth. A business must have a definable brand, because without one, customers are hard to keep.

Branding a business is not an easy task, but business owners should remember that branding is about the perceived psychological emotions of the customers and of the marketplace. Apply the ideas of what you want your company to be to each decision you make, and you will work towards creating a long-lasting and successful brand for your company.

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