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How Packaging Can Affect Brand

What influences your decision to buy the products that you like the most? Some may think it is the quality of the product or your personal taste but in many cases, you choose what you choose because of the packaging that your favorite products are wrapped in.

Packaging is a major part of why we purchase certain brands and businesses should consider that when planning packaging.

Packaging Provides Information

What is placed on packaging is incredibly important because this is where customers learn just about everything about the product. They turn the box around in their hands and learn about the possible ingredients, where the item is made, and it is here where they look for any trustworthy claims. This is why the wording on your packaging is crucial for selling products. If someone doesn’t trust the way the information is presented, they likely won’t purchase the product.

Packaging Doesn’t Have to be Bright

When setting up your packaging, remember that it is not only about the flashiness of the packaging. In reality, important parts of your packaging also include a distinctive appeal, a product name that is easy to pronounce, and it should be easy to recall even after the customer has left the store.

Be Unique

The importance of being unique in your packaging cannot be expressed enough. Often times, when faced with similar products, many customers will buy the product that has the flashier packaging. Remember that being unique doesn’t always have to mean flashy. If you know that all your competitors have over the top packaging, then try going the opposite way and stick with one solid color and minimal text.

Secure Packaging

Sometimes the effectiveness of your packaging has nothing to do with color but is instead a case of security. If a customer approaches two containers, and one looks more prone to fall apart than the other, then the customer will buy the other.

Packaging is just one factor that can improve your brand because there are many other design tricks that can put your product ahead of the rest. Check out our site to see what Imaginaria Creative can do for you.

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