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Gimbal’s Candy

Gimbal’s Candy was founded In 1898, by Alexander Gimbal in bustling downtown San Francisco. Four generations later, they remain passionate about making delectable treats. They make gourmet candies with rich ‘true to taste’ flavors through the best allergen-free ingredients and a caring commitment to quality, providing accessibility to everyone every day.

We were approached to give Gimbal’s Candy a much needed rebrand. The old branding was outdated and they wanted to inject fun and energy to the brand, after all that’s what they sell, a fun and tasty product. The logo remained typographic, the idea to use different letter forms and fonts were to reinforce the fun assortment of flavors and candies they offer. The logo has movement, it’s energetic and fun.

Our approach to the packaging was to make the candy the hero, we did this by simplifying the design, we used white as our canvas so the candy popped. We created a color system for the product line to distinguish them from one another.