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The Power Of Packaging Design

The old saying goes that a first impression is everything, and that’s true when it comes to product packaging.

With proper brand design and marketing, your business can use advertisement-like messages to connect with the ideal audience.

When there is a new and innovative product that has the great potential to delight consumers and extremely boost business, then it must be packaged properly and expertly.

This can also be said with poor planning, insufficient branding, and minimal marketing efforts then the same product could fail badly.

Here you will find five major points of packaging design that should be considered when releasing a product:

1. Functional And Attractive – Yes, the primary function of packaging is product encasement, but that doesn’t have to be the main focus. When considering the design, the packaging should be both attractive and functional.

2. Research Branding And Positioning – Market research is the key component here. Discovering the target market for a new product includes identifying the expectations for the product and businesses will rarely have success making quick decisions executed in a chaotic manner.

Research how competitor’s products are failing to meet needs of the consumer and exploit it. Additionally, your research will help you compare features, cost, customer needs, demographics motivation to convert, and distribution methods.

3. Grab The Consumer’s Attention – The average consumer has a short attention span. This means that your packaging might not need all the bells and whistles required to buy your product. With solid target market research, concepts will emerge that will help to achieve and retain consumers’ attention.

Also, remember that finding the right balance in your packaging design may come through A/B testing or trial and error, so it might take time.

4. See Packaging As An Investment – Investing in expert packaging design appeals to consumers’ opinion that they’re buying something valuable.

Remember, the packaging design represents the company’s brand. If the value is perceived to be low based on product looks, consumers will not make a purchase.

5. Enhance The User Experience – Selling new products on your site is slightly different process than having the physical product in your brick and mortar store. For those potential consumers that are unable to physically touch the product before purchase, the packaging must then appeal to their sight.

Conversely, your product on a store shelf has to appeal to all the senses, competing with other products that are related to yours.

If you are in need of some awesome packaging design, give Imaginaria Creative a ring at 972-423-1232, we’d love to help you have a memorable and successful brand presence or please feel free to check out some of our past work in the previous works section.