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Putting Your Business’s Brand to Work

For some business owners, branding occupies an elusive, ethereal place in the mysterious realm of conceptual design. They realize that great branding has the potential to carve out a unique, engaging identity for their company, but they fail to understand how to develop a brand of their own. Fortunately, the process of creating an effective brand strategy isn’t quite as perplexing or intimidating as it’s cracked up to be. By following a few simple guidelines, you too can establish a truly distinctive brand for your business.

Mind Your Mission

When you begin conceptualizing your company’s branding strategy, recall the fundamental tenants of your business. Who are you hoping to serve? How do you distinguish your service from that of your competitors? What problem were you trying to solve when you went into business? Carefully consider the answers to these questions, and remember that your goals will shape your brand.

Keep Logos Simple

Your logo will play an integral role in the branding of your business. While there are a few notable examples to this rule (Ebay, for example), in general, a simple logo will be a more effective logo. Limit your color palette to just a few colors, and don’t be afraid to embrace negative space in your logo design. Check out the logo above we did for wedding photographer JD Cooper. It’s simple, direct, and clearly representative of the organization; notice how the two “O’s” in Cooper form interlocking wedding rings.

Consider Platform Diversity

These days, your branding isn’t just going to be limited to your storefront. People are going to be looking at your brand on a number of different platforms such as smartphones, computers, and electronic newsletters. Mobile compatibility is especially important to the branding of many modern businesses. Ideally, your brand should look every bit as good on a 5” screen as it does on a 12’ X 48’ billboard.

At Imaginaria Creative, we’ve been helping businesses in a diverse set of industries create powerful branding strategies for over a decade. Check out our complete portfolio here, and give us a call today to learn more about all the design services we have to offer.