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Our approach is simple: we listen to our clients’ needs, get to the heart of the problem, develop a sound strategy, create an imaginative solution and infuse the elixir of emotion that connects brands and people.

Our Services

We Create, Evolve, Harmonize and Optimize Brands.

Imaginaria™ is a full-service brand agency with more than 15 years of category-creating experience—from startups to challenger and leading brands. We ‘imagine big’, defining and telling each brand’s unique story—always leaving lasting impressions with their audiences.

Brand Strategy

We work closely with our clients for a holistic view, integrating insights into understandings that influence the corporate strategy, product offerings and brand focus to distinguish from the competition. From brand architecture to platform, positioning and value proposition, we craft the right perspective as a powerful point of reference for building compelling brands—influencing everything else you do moving forward in order to inspire your audiences.


We believe brand identity work is a balance of science and art. From brand naming, visual identity and tagline to your brand style guide covering logo treatment, color palette, typeface, patterns/shapes, iconographic system, voice, tone and applications, we create name recognition around your brand focus and product through visual and written language—all to create the essence and appeal.


We believe the power of creative imagination with boldly different approaches around your brand, product and packaging design is what creates real impact, so what the buyer sees, thinks and how they react while shopping in your category. We differentiate and make relevant the reasons why the buyer should purchase your product—in turn making your product stand out on the shelf, setting you apart from the competition.

The Process

Our approach is unique. We’re a different kind of agency, breaking apart the traditional model, where the Principals of the business are also the creators of the work and each client’s primary point of contact. This is how we are able to roll up our sleeves and become highly effective extensions to our clients’ teams—bringing together strategy and design as a true craft to create visually engaging brands that get noticed.

Discover :: We assess and discover opportunities based on consumer needs, understand your challenges and the drivers, as well as understand where your brand has been and where you would like it to go—all through the filter of keeping or making you different.

Define :: Based on the opportunity and/or assessment of the challenges and goals, along with understanding the constraints of a particular situation, we frame and innovatively scope out the most desirable solution with initial strategic and creative ideas with roadmap.

Develop :: This is where we ‘imagine big’ and develop out the solution creatively taking a proactive, innovative stance working with hand-selected artists, based on their craft, project requirements and the uniqueness of your brand.

Deliver :: From concept and design to final production and delivery, this is the moment of truth. We help you design the launch experience and/or campaign for maximum impact and then map out how to sustain the momentum. Together, we then help you refine through performance metrics, as needed, for optimal results—always leaving lasting impressions with your audiences.

Our Clients

From startups to challenger and leading brands, we’ve helped countless brands connect with their audience.


Our Team

We’re a passionate team of strategic, creative and design thinkers, who gravitate toward companies and people that share the same mindset. If you love what you do, it is not work. We take our craft seriously, while living and having a lot of fun doing it.

Founder :: Creative Director