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Cora Woodward.

Growing up Cora has lived from the West coast to East and even across the pond in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This gave her a unique cultural perspective in her life and work. Raised by an interior designer and a finance analyst; Cora learned a balance between creative problem solving and analytical thinking. Another big influence on Cora’s life is her older sister. She remembers playing outside together and imagining their own fantasy world which instilled a love for nature and a vivid imagination. These influences and experiences have helped Cora develop her own style of illustration and design.

She graduated from Texas A&M Commerce after studying Visual Communications and working as an art teacher at a small store. For Cora her love of illustration and art was always a part of her design learning experience. Graduating in 2017 with recognition in Graphis New talent awards and the Adobe Achievement Awards she was ready to take on the world.

After graduation she quickly found employment with Imaginaria Creative. Branding and illustrating with bold colors and intricate patterns are her specialty. Cora is fueled by the creative process and her passion helps brands come alive.

When she isn’t breathing life into her work, she is most likely cooking for friends and family or playing with her dog at the dog park. When she is ready for some personal time she retreats to creating. She enjoys listening to podcasts or audio books as she doodles, paints, or practices hand lettering. Everything Cora does, she does with a catching enthusiasm and passion.

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