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When is It Time to Rebrand Your Business?

Years ago, Sears and K-Mart dominated the retail sector, right? Today, they’re “kind of” still around, but most people shop at Wal-Mart instead. With brands, sometimes you’re hot and sometimes you’re not. In the 1980s, people wanted to wear British Knights or Nikes on their feet. Kids today don’t know what British Knights are, but they know Nike– that brand kept moving forward while the other did not.  When is it time to rebrand your business? Well, for starters, when your message has changed, you might consider rebranding it. Companies often start out doing one thing only to find that their focus changes over the years. If you were a company making VHS tape players, and then DVD players, today both have been usurped by digital downloads and streaming, so your company would need to adjust its message to the marketplace, right? Or perhaps you were known for one thing, such as sneakers, but today you’ve expanded to be a lifestyle company (like Nike) with a clothing line and much more– rebranding makes sense so people know who you are and what you’re about as you grow and expand.  Today, commerce takes place increasingly online. It’s not unusual for people to discover a brand via Facebook, Twitter or a company website.

Take a look at your current website. Is it hopelessly out-of-date? If it hasn’t been changed or updated in, say, five years, then it’s time to rebrand it. Designs for websites have changed a lot in the past couple years, and many companies aren’t properly utilizing the web. An outdated website is not a good thing considering the majority of customers today spend their time on smartphones and other devices.

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