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Tips for Branding a New Business

So you’ve started a new business. Are you exhausted yet? Starting a new business is a lot of work. Thankfully, there are people like the folks at Imaginaria Creative who help business owners take on some of the tasks they should be doing, like branding the new business, so it’s successful.

What are some tips for branding a new business in this digital age?

Selecting the Right Logo

First, your brand needs a name and a logo. It should be simple, iconic, easily reproduced, and visually appealing. What makes you/your brand unique? The logo should reflect that. It’s the mark that identifies your brand to the world. It’s important.

Consider Your Target Market

Next, you’ll want to think of your brand fitting into the world we live in as well as standing out. For instance, who’s your target market? How can your logo, name, and marketing materials reach them? For instance, if you’re going after single women in their 30s, where do they shop? What do they wear? What are their hobbies? How can your brand fit their lifestyle? How can it appeal to them? Think about these things and plan accordingly. The better you know who you’re seeking as customers, the better your brand can connect with them.

Evoke “Happy” Thoughts

When you offer people something of value that helps their lives in some way, that helps grow your brand. People talk about good experiences and they’ll rave about brands they like. So do stuff that caters to your crowd. Give away free samples. Establish Facebook and Twitter accounts and run giveaways where lucky winners get your stuff just for showing they “like” you and/or “follow” you. Encourage them to “share” your info with their friends online. Start an informative and entertaining blog with compelling stories about people enjoying your brand. Use vivid pictures in the blog and on your site that really stand out and look great.

For more information on building your own unique brand that gets noticed, call Imaginaria Creative today at 972-423-1232.